About Annie

My mission is to help you feel really good about yourself through exercise, and especially weight training.

With two university degrees and more than a decade of training and coaching experience, I know what works and how to get the absolute best results for you. I particularly love and specialise in teaching weight training to absolute beginners.

I created Ensemble Fitness to help make the process of learning weights less intimidating, more effective and most importantly more enjoyable for you!

Whatever your ability and whatever goals you have, I will welcome you with a big smile and open arms to Ensemble Fitness.

My Qualifications

  • BSc Sport and Exercise Science, Loughborough University
  • MSc Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health, University of Bristol
  • BWL Level 2 Weightlifting Coach
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer – REPS/CIMSPA certified
  • First Aid

Why we do what we do

Our values

INCLUSIVITY – everyone is truly welcome at Ensemble Fitness. Regardless of your shape, size or ability, you have just as much right as anyone else to be part of our little gym. We will do everything we can to help you feel welcome.

INTEGRITY – we want to be as honest and transparent with you as we can, in the hope that you will also feel you can trust in our process and be honest with us in return. No hacks, no clickbait, and no false claims. Just honest advice about what really works.

‘PROCESS-ORIENTED’– it sounds cliché, but your fitness is a journey, and not an endpoint. It is important to enjoy the process. We promote effort and perseverance over results, we embrace our failures and we know that progress is much more satisfying than reaching perfection.